Cybercriminals Gamble With Victims’ Livelihoods To Pass the Covid-19 Blues

In the Trend Micro 2020 midyear security report, we discussed how the Covid-19 global pandemic affected the cybersecurity industry. However, the pandemic didn’t just change the way businesses (and subsequently, their employees) operate; the nature of certain criminal activities have also changed in this time of isolation.

Interestingly, some of this involves what we might call “leisure activities.” However, unlike most people (for whom leisure time might involve a round of Netflix shows), cybercriminals have not passed the time in the same way. Unsurprisingly, their leisure time leads to even more crime, negatively impacting global communities.

Our underground monitoring revealed several ways how criminals have been entertaining themselves during isolation, with normal activities that offer cyber-crime-related prizes.

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Source:  Trend Micro