Cybersecurity in city government, taken to new heights: An Interview with Shane McDaniel

When most people speak of any city government, they often mention words like “Bureaucratic”, “Behind the times”, and “Slow.” This is especially true when considering cybersecurity initiatives. However, a small town in Texas is changing that view. Seguin, Texas, which was once the smallest Texas city to have a full-time cybersecurity employee, was the only government entity to be named in the CSO50 2022 Awards. The CSO50 awards recognize security projects that demonstrate outstanding thought leadership and business value.

The CSO Awards are quite significant, and The City of Seguin shares a position on the award list with some of the most recognized names in business, as well as global technology companies, including Bank of America, Accenture, and The MITRE Corporation. Seguin was the only government entity to win an award. No other city, State, or Federal government body shared this recognition. Tripwire researchers recently had the opportunity to speak with Seguin’s IT Director, Shane McDaniel, whose dedication, and commitment made it evident that the CSO50 award was well-earned.

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Source: Tripwire