Cyberthreats for ICS in Energy in Europe. Q1 2020

Computers in European countries which are used to configure, maintain and control equipment in the energy industry on which Kaspersky products are installed. This includes Windows computers on which various software packages for the energy industry are installed, including but not limited to human-machine interface (HMI), OPC gateway, engineering, control and data acquisition software.

Overall, in Q1 2020 Kaspersky products were triggered on 20.4% of ICS computers in the energy sector in Europe.

In total 1485 modifications of malware from 633 different malware families were blocked. These included a variety of multifunctional spyware (4.4%) designed to steal authentication data and enabling attackers to remotely control infected computers in automatic and manual modes, as well as ransomware (1%) and exploits for popular office software (3.4%) embedded in documents delivered via phishing emails and used to deploy spyware and ransomware – threats that are particularly dangerous and could negatively affect the availability and integrity of ICS systems and increased risks of cyberattacks.

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Source: Kaspersky