Dangerous Pegasus Spyware Has Spread to 45 Countries

The malicious spyware has also been found in use in countries known for targeting human rights.

The infamous Pegasus spyware, which targets iPhones and Android devices, has allegedly infiltrated 45 different countries across the globe — and six of those countries have used surveillance malware in the past to abuse human rights, a group of researchers claimed Tuesday.

Researchers from The Citizen Lab scanned the internet in a massive project that took place between 2016 and 2018, sniffing out servers associated with the Pegasus mobile spyware, attributed to Israel-based company NSO Group as an offering for state-level actors around the world.

“The number of Pegasus servers we detected in our scans ballooned from about 200 in 2016 to almost 600 in 2018.  This may be an indication that NSO Group is scaling up their operations,” Bill Marczak, senior research fellow at The Citizens Lab and one of the researchers on the team, told Threatpost.


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Source: ThreatPost.