DDoS Attacks Ranked As Highest Threat by Enterprises

US and EMEA security professionals interviewed by the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) in January 2019 said that DDoS attacks are perceived as the highest threat to their organizations, with roughly half of their companies having been attacked in 2018.

Another 75% of all professionals who took part in NISC’s study said that they are deeply concerned about “bot traffic (bot robots and scrapers) stealing company information, despite the same number already deploying a bot traffic manager solution.”

NISC uses a Cyber Benchmark Index to track the mounting threat concerns as “a reflection of the current international cybersecurity landscape,” While at the beginning of 2018 the index reached 10.5, in January 2019 it hit 19.4, the highest value recorded since NISC started charting threat levels in May 2017.

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Source: Bleeping Computer