Defenders beware: A case for post-ransomware investigations

Ransomware is one of the most pervasive threats that Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART) responds to today. The groups behind these attacks continue to add sophistication to their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) as most network security postures increase.

In this blog, DART researchers detail a recent ransomware incident in which the attacker used a collection of commodity tools and techniques, such as using living-off-the-land binaries, to launch their malicious code. Cobalt Strike was used for persistence on the network with NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM (local SYSTEM) privileges to maintain access to the network after password resets of compromised accounts.

This incident highlights an attacker’s ability to have a longstanding dwell time on a network before deploying ransomware. DART researchers will also discuss the various techniques used as well as the recommended detections and defense techniques that customers can use to increase protection against these types of attacks.

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Source: Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART)