Emergency cyber security unit to handle all reports of cyber threats in New Zealand

A new national cyber security unit will allow any New Zealander to report a suspected cyber threat – whether they’re an individual being targeted by online scam, or a business the subject of major hack.

The Computer Emergency Response Team will act as a single point of contact to triage all cyber security threats in New Zealand, from concerns over cyber bullying, to ransomeware targeting individuals to hand over money, to large-scale threats like corporate cyber attacks.

Launched by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the unit called CERT NZ will include an 0800 number and online reporting tools through website cert.govt.nz, for logging suspected or actual cyber security incidents.

“It is important that we strike a balance between innovation, security and privacy protection to ensure that all New Zealanders are secure, safe and confident online, in this increasingly digital world,” Bridges said.


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