Experian challenged over massive data leak in Brazil

After receiving feedback from Experian over a massive data leak in Brazil, São Paulo state consumer rights foundation Procon described the company’s explanations as “insufficient” and said it is likely that the incident was initiated in a corporate environment.

Procon notified the credit information multinational following the emergence of a leak that exposed the personal data of more than 220 million citizens and companies, which is being offered for sale in the dark web. Security firm PSafe discovered the incident, which exposed all manner of personal details, including information from Mosaic, a consumer segmentation model used by Serasa, Experian’s Brazilian subsidiary.

Following the emergence of the leak in January, Procon notified the credit bureau, and asked the company for a confirmation of the incident, and an explanation of the reasons that caused the leak, the steps taken to contain it, how it will repair the damage to consumers impacted and the measures taken to prevent it from happening again.

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Source: ZDNet