Factory Security Problems from an IT Perspective (Part 1): Gap between the objectives of IT and OT

In the cybersecurity industry, key words such as “smart factories,” the “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),” and “Industry 4.0” have come to the fore. The business environment that the manufacturing industry operates in is undergoing drastic changes and entering a transition period. Nowadays, it may be difficult to find companies that do not include Digital Transformation (DX) or the Internet of Things (IoT) in their strategies. Manufacturing companies need to include cybersecurity not only in the information technology (IT) domain, but also in the operational technology (OT) one as well. More and more IT security teams are finding ways to take responsibility and gain control over security in factories and other OT domains. Even though the words “system” and “network” effectively have the same meaning, OTs look completely different from the perspective of those who have lived in the IT world. This three part series of articles discusses the challenges that IT departments face when they are assigned the task of overseeing cybersecurity in factories and implementing measures to overcome these challenges.

The first article looks at the fundamental purpose of a system, which can give rise to various differences and barriers between IT and OT.

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Source: Trend Micro