Fake DarkSide Campaign Targets Energy and Food Sectors

The ransomware attack on the major fuel supply company Colonial Pipeline recently made headlines. The incident has been attributed to the DarkSide threat actor, once again thrusting the group’s name into the spotlight. With this, it would not be surprising to find threat actors taking advantage of this incident for their own socially-engineered campaigns.

Several companies in the energy and food industry have recently received threatening emails supposedly from DarkSide. In this email, the threat actor claims that they have succesfully hacked the target’s network and gained access to sensitive information, which will be disclosed publicly if a ransom of 100 bitcoins (BTC) is not paid.

However, the content used on the emails has led us to believe that they did not come from the said threat group, but from an opportunistic low-level attacker trying to profit off the current situation around DarkSide ransomware activities.

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Source: Trend Micro