FBI: An APT Group Exploiting a 0-day in FatPipe WARP, MPVPN, and IPVPN Software

As of November 2021, FBI forensic analysis indicated exploitation of a 0-day vulnerability in the FatPipe MPVPN® device software1 going back to at least May 2021. The vulnerability allowed APT actors to gain access to an unrestricted file upload function to drop a webshell for exploitation activity with root access, leading to elevated privileges and potential follow-on activity.

Exploitation of this vulnerability then served as a jumping off point into other
infrastructure for the APT actors.

This vulnerability is not yet identified with a CVE number but can be located with the FatPipe Security Advisory number FPSA006. The vulnerability affects all FatPipe WARP®, MPVPN, and IPVPN® device software prior to the latest version releases 10.1.2r60p93 and 10.2.2r44p1.

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Source: FBI Cyber Division