Feds accuse Ukrainian of renting out PC-raiding Raccoon malware to fiends

Mark Sokolovsky, 26, a Ukrainian national, is being held in the Netherlands while he awaits extradition to America on cybercrime charges, the US Justice Department said on Tuesday.

Sokolovsky, said to have used the online names Photix, Raccoon Stealer, and black21jack77777, was indicted on November 2, 2021 by a federal grand jury for his alleged role in the creation of Raccoon – a strain of malware that steals data from the Windows machines it infects – and for renting it as a service to others interested in information theft.

“Raccoon was malware as a service, or MaaS,” his recently unsealed indictment explains. “Like software as a service, or SaaS, MaaS was operated on a lease basis where customers paid approximately $200 (USD) on a monthly basis to Raccoon – paying via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin – which allowed them to access and deploy Raccoon, then obtain a copy of the data stolen from their victims.”

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Source: The Register