Financial threats in H1 2019

Financial cyberthreats are malicious programs that attack users of online banking services, electronic money, cryptocurrency and other similar services, as well as threats aimed at gaining access to financial organizations and their infrastructure. Kaspersky experts regularly analyze the statistics that the company’s products anonymously send to the cloud infrastructure of the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) in case users agree to transfer such data.

In order to study the threat landscape of the financial sector, the researchers analyzed cases of malicious activity on the devices of private users of Kaspersky’s security solutions. Statistics on corporate users were collected from corporate security solutions, after the customers agreed to share their data with Kaspersky. The information obtainedwas compared with data fromthe same period in 2018, to track the trends in the development of malware. users We looked at quarterly results in order to compare statisitics for PC users, as we were able to divide the data into two catergories – corporate and private users.

Traditionally, the second and the third quarter might differ from the first and the fourth as these people often go on vaction and there less of corporate financial activity in these periods. The most active malware families were then analyzed.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab