Five Eyes nations fear wave of Russian attacks against critical infrastructure

The Five Eyes nations’ cybersecurity agencies this week urged critical infrastructure to be ready for attacks by crews backed by or sympathetic to the Kremlin amid strong Western opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The joint alert, issued by cybersecurity authorities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, provides technical details on more than a dozen Russian state-sponsored hacking groups and Russia-aligned cybercrime gangs.

The missive urges critical infrastructure organizations to take immediate actions to protect against cyberattacks from these foes. These steps include patching known exploited vulnerabilities, updating software, enforcing multi-factor authentication, securing and monitoring remote desktop protocol (RDP) and other “potentially risky” services, and providing end-user security awareness and training. If this action is truly surprising to critical infrastructure operators, we’re screwed.

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Source: The Register