FortiGuard Labs Discovers Multiple Vulnerabilities in Adobe InDesign

This past March, Fortinet researcher Yonghui Han discovered and reported several zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe InDesign to Adobe. And on Patch Tuesday, July 11, 2023, Adobe released their security patches to fix them.

The vulnerabilities are identified as CVE-2023-29308, CVE-2023-29309, CVE-2023-29310, CVE-2023-29311, CVE-2023-29312, CVE-2023-29313, CVE-2023-29314, CVE-2023-29315, CVE-2023-29316, CVE-2023-29317, CVE-2023-29318, and CVE-2023-29319. All of these vulnerabilities have been assigned a Critical or Important severity. They also each have different root causes related to a single InDesign plugin.

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Source: Fortinet