From Copacabana to Barcelona: The Cross-Continental Threat of Brazilian Banking Malware

Proofpoint researchers have long tracked clusters of malicious activity using banking malware to target users and organizations in Brazil and surrounding countries. Recently, researchers observed multiple threat clusters targeting Spain from threat actors and malware that have traditionally targeted Portuguese and Spanish speakers in Brazil, Mexico, and other parts of the Americas. While the targeting of victims in the Americas has been common for some time, recent clusters targeting Spain have been unusual in frequency and volume compared to previous activity.

Brazilian Cyber Threat Landscape
The Brazilian cyber threat landscape has changed rapidly over the last several years becoming more complicated and diverse. More people than ever are online in the country meaning the potential victim base has increased. According to third-party reporting, Brazil is among the most highly-targeted countries for information stealers and other malware, and its broad adoption of online banking offers potential for threat actors to social engineer people eager to conduct financial activity online.

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Source: Proofpoint