Gauging LoRaWAN Communication Security with LoraPWN

LoRaWAN technology allows organizations to deploy the internet of things solutions at a much lower cost than existing cellular infrastructure solutions. Because of this, enterprises and smart cities around the world have started using LoRaWAN in their operations. As mentioned in the first article of this series, LoRaWAN technology has been used in infrastructure management, climate monitoring, produce deliveries, safety operations, and more.

However, as this technology becomes more integrated into public and private spaces, security must become a bigger priority. As it stands, these devices do not have comprehensive security structures protecting them or the data they pass along. And unfortunately, LoRaWAN devices have been hacking targets for some time.

Because businesses and local governments rely on this technology, a serious security risk can affect the bottom line of businesses or even the safety of citizens in a smart city. This post will discuss the security of an important facet of LoRaWAN: communication.

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Source: Trend Micro