Google Chrome Browser Bug Exposes Billions of Users to Data Theft

A vulnerability in Google’s Chromium-based browsers would allow attackers to bypass the Content Security Policy (CSP) on websites, in order to steal data and execute rogue code.

The bug (CVE-2020-6519) is found in Chrome, Opera and Edge, on Windows, Mac and Android – potentially affecting billions of web users, according to PerimeterX cybersecurity researcher Gal Weizman. Chrome versions 73 (March 2019) through 83 are affected (84 was released in July and fixes the issue).

CSP is a web standard that’s meant to thwart certain types of attacks, including cross-site scripting (XSS) and data-injection attacks. CSP allows web admins to specify the domains that a browser should consider to be valid sources of executable scripts. A CSP-compatible browser will then only execute scripts loaded in source files received from those domains.

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Source: ThreatPost