Grinchbots strike again this holiday shopping season as bot traffic spikes 73%

The days are getting chilly, holiday drinks are back on the menu at your favorite café and family gatherings are planned. In an almost pavlovian response, Grinchbots have also returned in record levels to ruin your online holiday shopping experience.

In the State of Security Within eCommerce in 2021, Imperva Research Labs predicted that bad bots would be a disruptive force again this holiday season as demand for limited quantity items grew and more shoppers were online. And sure enough, they did just that.

What is a Grinchbot?
A close relative of Ticket Bots and Sneaker Bots, Grinchbots are a part of the notorious scalping bots family. These sophisticated bots aim to acquire high-demand, limited-quantity items using automation to gain a significant advantage over legitimate users.

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Source: Imperva