Hacking the Crypto-Monetized Web

The web is several decades old. But it largely still relies on the same method of monetization as it always has: advertising. However, things are changing thanks to the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s what Trend Micro has coined the “crypto-monetized web” (CMW). But where there’s money to be made and users to be scammed, cybercrime is never far away. The key will be to head off cyber-threats before they have time to make a serious impact—and that will require action from users and the online organizations they interact with.

What is the CMW?
In the CMW era, every internet user has a cryptocurrency-related monetary value. Users can spend currency on other people, like content creators, driving up their reputation value. Effectively, a user’s online reputation becomes a tradeable good or investment opportunity, like company stock. There are already websites out there enabling this new paradigm.

Ye,t in the digital world, there are always individuals waiting to pounce. The Trend Micro report warns of several CMW attack scenarios, including:

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Source: Trend Micro