Hello! My name is Dtrack

Kaspersky Lab investigation into the Dtrack RAT actually began with a different activity. In the late summer of 2018, we discovered ATMDtrack, a piece of banking malware targeting Indian banks. Further analysis showed that the malware was designed to be planted on the victim’s ATMs, where it could read and store the data of cards that were inserted into the machines. Naturally, we wanted to know more about that ATM malware, so we used YARA and Kaspersky Attribution Engine to uncover more interesting material: over 180 new malware samples of a spy tool that we now call Dtrack.

All the Dtrack samples we initially found were dropped samples, as the real payload was encrypted with various droppers—we were able to find them because of the unique sequences shared by ATMDtrack and the Dtrack memory dumps. After that, it got very interesting, because once we decrypted the final payload and used Kaspersky Attribution Engine again, we saw similarities with the DarkSeoul campaign, dating back to 2013 and attributed to the Lazarus group. It seems that they reused part of their old code to attack the financial sector and research centers in India. According to our telemetry, the last activity of DTrack was detected in the beginning of September 2019.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab