Hospital giant’s IT still poorly a week after suspected ransomware infection

Computer systems are still down at CommonSpirit Health – America’s second-largest nonprofit hospital network – more than a week after it was hit by a somewhat mystery cyberattack.

The US’s largest Catholic healthcare provider remains very tight-lipped about the root cause of this digital breakdown, and when it expects its systems to come back online. At one point, and this may still be the case, access to electronic patient records and shift scheduling tools was cut off, treatments were delayed, and ambulances were diverted as a result of the snafu. Staff were reportedly forced to use pen and paper.

In a statement that seems to be shrinking over the course of the ongoing downtime, which reportedly began on or around October 3, the Chicago-headquartered organization said it identified “an IT issue” affecting “some” of its more than 1,000 medical facilities across 21 states.

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Source: The Register