How much does access to corporate infrastructure cost?

Money has been and remains the main motivator for cybercriminals. The most widespread techniques of monetizing cyberattacks include selling stolen databases, extortion (using ransomware) and carding. However, there is demand on the dark web not only for data obtained through an attack, but also for the data and services necessary to organize one (e.g., to perform specific steps of a multiphase attack). Complex attacks almost invariably feature several phases, such as reconnaissance, initial access to the infrastructure, gaining access to target systems and/or privileges, and the actual malicious acts (data theft, destruction or encryption, etc.). This is just one example of a phased attack where each step can be accomplished by a new contractor – if only because the different steps require different expertise.

Experienced cybercriminals seek to ensure the continuity of their business and constantly need new data for initial access to corporate systems. It’s advantageous for them to pay for prearranged access rather than spend time digging for primary vulnerabilities and penetrating the perimeter.

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Source: Kaspersky