I know what you did last summer, MuddyWater blending in the crowd

MuddyWater is an APT with a focus on governmental and telco targets in the Middle East (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon) and also a few other countries in nearby regions (Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Afghanistan).

MuddyWater first surfaced in 2017 and has been active continuously, targeting a large number of organizations. First stage infections and graphical decoys have been described by multiple sources, including in our previous research: “MuddyWater expands operations

Nevertheless, comprehensive details of what happens after the initial infection by MuddyWater have not previously been made publicly available. MuddyWater attackers deploy a variety of tools and techniques, mostly developed by the group itself in Python, C# and PowerShell, to implement their attacks and complete their victim infiltration and data exfiltration. Examples of such tools include multiple download/execute tools and RATs in C# and Python, SSH Python script, multiple Python tools for extraction of credentials, history and more.

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Source: Kaspersky Lab