Insights on Collaboration In Oil and Gas Industry At AUTOMA 2023

Oil and gas leaders are going to share benefits and uncover challenges of collaboration in the process of industry transformation at the Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress. The Congress gets together decision makers and key technical specialists from the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream companies representing the whole value chain to discuss why collaboration is a key to success on November, 27-28, 2023 in Austria.

Numerous oil and gas majors have recently highlighted the benefits of working on projects and solutions together. For instance, recently Repsol launched its own digital ecosystem with more than 60 technology partners to achieve their goals together. These days Repsol is a part of  IndesIA which is a Spanish association of artificial intelligence. Together nine Spanish majors (Gestamp, Navantia, Técnicas Reunidas, Telefónica, Microsoft, Airbus, and Ferrovial) are developing digital applications to ensure their success.

All mentioned Repsol cases of successful digital transformation based on partnerships with the innovation ecosystem are going to be presented by Nuria Avalos, Director of Digital Consortiums at Repsol at Leaders Talk at Oil and Gas Automation and Digitalization Congress (AUTOMA 2023).

The AUTOMA 2023 gathers the leading representatives from major companies, EPCs, drilling contractors, pipeline operators, refineries, service providers, and equipment manufacturers to explore the ways of development together on November, 27-28, 2023 in Austria.

The format of a show type session called Leaders Talk opens the second day of the Congress. Top-level management from the oil and gas industry present their reports on the topic of collaboration as a heart of digital transformation progress.

So, Jeff Stroh, Senior Director from McDermott, shares insights on how to succeed transformation by collaboration with  customers, suppliers, and technology providers. Jeff has been participating in the Congress for 5 years and in the latest BGS Group’s interview he noticed that “the collaboration is a key of success not only internally between business and stakeholders as well as the technology groups”. Also he emphasised: “Nothing can be achieved without cooperation and collaboration between all those parties as well as there’s a need for collaboration between each of the stakeholders in a project”.

However, some companies face obstacles to find the real mutually beneficial partnerships in a fast changing reality and unstable market conditions. That is why it’s essential to find a great platform that provides its participants with the opportunity to establish new partnerships and meet industry key players.

During six years, the Congress has been providing its participants the opportunity to meet business partners for making great deals and building long-term partnerships together.

Join  industry leaders at the AUTOMA 2023: