Internet Explorer 0-day exploited by North Korean actor APT37

To protect our users, Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) routinely hunts for 0-day vulnerabilities exploited in-the-wild. This blog will describe a 0-day vulnerability, discovered by TAG in late October 2022, embedded in malicious documents and used to target users in South Korea. TAG attributes this activity to a group of North Korean government-backed actors known as APT37. These malicious documents exploited an Internet Explorer 0-day vulnerability in the JScript engine, CVE-2022-41128. TAG policy is to quickly report vulnerabilities to vendors, and within a few hours of discovering this 0-day, they reported it to Microsoft and patches were released to protect users from these attacks.

This is not the first time APT37 has used Internet Explorer 0-day exploits to target users. The group has historically focused their targeting on South Korean users, North Korean defectors, policy makers, journalists and human rights activists.

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Source: Google’s Threat Analysis Group