Introducing Loda Malware

Loda is a previously undocumented AutoIT malware with a variety of capabilities for spying on victims. Proofpoint first observed Loda in September of 2016 and it has since grown in popularity. The name ‘Loda’ is derived from a directory to which the malware author chose to write keylogger logs (Figure 14). It should be noted that some antivirus products currently detect Loda as “Trojan.Nymeria”, although the connection is not well-documented.

Loda appears to be distributed by multiple cybercrime actors targeting a variety of verticals. We have observed Loda spread via email campaigns containing Microsoft Word attachments with macros (Figure 3), exploits, or packager shell objects (Figure 4). Notably, we found a document that used the recent CVE-2017-0199 exploit (Figure 1). In addition, we have observed Loda distributed via PDF attachments, links, and executable attachments (Figure 2).

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Source: ProofPoint