IT threat evolution Q3 2021

Last March, Kaspersky researchers reported a WildPressure campaign targeting industrial-related entities in the Middle East. While tracking this threat actor in spring 2021, they discovered a newer version. It contains the C++ Milum Trojan, a corresponding VBScript variant and a set of modules that include an orchestrator and three plugins. This confirms Kaspersky previous assumption that there were more last-stagers besides the C++ ones.

Another language used by WildPressure is Python. The PyInstaller module for Windows contains a script named “Guard”. Interestingly, this malware was developed for both Windows and macOS operating systems. The coding style, overall design and C2 communication protocol is quite recognizable across all three programming languages used by the authors.

WildPressure used both virtual private servers (VPS) and compromised servers in its infrastructure, most of which were WordPress websites.

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Source: Kaspersky