IZ1H9 Campaign Enhances Its Arsenal with Scores of Exploits

In September 2023, our FortiGuard Labs team observed that the IZ1H9 Mirai-based DDoS campaign has aggressively updated its arsenal of exploits. Thirteen payloads were included in this variant, including D-Link devices, Netis wireless router, Sunhillo SureLine, Geutebruck IP camera, Yealink Device Management, Zyxel devices, TP-Link Archer, Korenix Jetwave, and TOTOLINK routers.

Based on the trigger counts recorded by our IPS signatures, it is evident that peak exploitation occurred on September 6, with trigger counts ranging from the thousands to even tens of thousands. This highlights the campaign’s capacity to infect vulnerable devices and dramatically expand its botnet through the swift utilization of recently released exploit code, which encompasses numerous CVEs.

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Source: Fortinet