Japan-Linked Organizations Targeted in Long-Running and Sophisticated Attack Campaign

A large-scale attack campaign is targeting multiple Japanese companies, including subsidiaries located in as many as 17 regions around the globe in a likely intelligence-gathering operation.

Companies in multiple sectors are targeted in this campaign, including those operating in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and engineering sector, as well as managed service providers (MSPs).

The scale and sophistication of this attack campaign indicates that it is the work of a large and well-resourced group, with Symantec, a division of Broadcom, discovering enough evidence to attribute it to Cicada (aka APT10, Stone Panda, Cloud Hopper). Cicada has been involved in espionage-type operations since 2009, and U.S. government officials have linked the activities of APT10, which we track as Cicada, to the Chinese government.

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Source: Symantec