Latest Trickbot Campaign Delivered via Highly Obfuscated JS File

We have been tracking Trickbot banking trojan activity and recently discovered a variant of the malware (detected by Trend Micro as TrojanSpy.Win32.TRICKBOT.TIGOCDC) from distributed spam emails that contain a Microsoft Word document with enabled macro. Once the document is clicked, it drops a heavily obfuscated JS file (JavaScript) that downloads Trickbot as its payload. This malware also checks for the number of running processes in the affected machine; if it detects that it’s in an environment with limited processes, the malware will not proceed with its routine as it assumes that it is running in a virtual environment.

Aside from its information theft capabilities, it also deletes files located in removable and network drives that have particular extensions, after which the files are replaced with a copy of the malware. Based on our telemetry, this Trickbot campaign has affected the United States the most. It has also distributed spam to China, Canada, and India.

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Source: Trend Micro