Luna and Black Basta – new ransomware for Windows, Linux and ESXi

In Kaspersky crimeware reporting service, they analyze the latest crime-related trends we come across. If Kaspersky look back at what they covered last month, they will see that ransomware (surprise, surprise!) definitely stands out. In this blog post, Kaspersky researchers provide several excerpts from last month’s reports on new ransomware strains.

Last month, Kaspersky Darknet Threat Intelligence active monitoring system notified them of a new advertisement on a darknet ransomware forum.

As one can see from the advertisement, the malware is written in Rust and runs on Windows, Linux and ESXi systems. Armed with this knowledge, Kaspersky went hunting for samples, finding a few via the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN).

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Source: Kaspersky