Major Gaming Companies Hit with Ransomware Linked to APT27

A recent slew of related ransomware attacks on top videogame companies has been associated with the notorious Chinese-linked APT27 threat group, suggesting that the advanced persistent threat (APT) is swapping up its historically espionage centralized tactics to adopt ransomware, a new report says.

Researchers noticed the “strong links” to APT27 when they were brought in as part of incident response for ransomware activity that affected several major gaming companies globally last year as part of a supply-chain attack. Details of these incidents (including specific company names and the timeline) are scant. However, while researchers told Threatpost that they could not name the specific gaming companies attacked, they said that five companies were affected. What’s more, two of the affected companies are “among the largest in the world,” they said.

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Source: ThreatPost