Malicious Attackers Target Government and Medical Organizations With COVID-19 Themed Phishing Campaigns

Despite prior reporting by various sources indicating that some cyber threat attacker activity may subside in some respects during the COVID-19 pandemic, Unit 42 has observed quite the opposite with regard to COVID-19 themed threats, particularly in the realm of phishing attacks.

While the various COVID-19 themed phishing campaigns observed by Unit 42 are numerous, this blog seeks to provide a thorough picture and solid technical analysis of the cross-section between the various types of COVID-19 themed threats organizations may be facing during the ongoing pandemic. Specifically, we address a ransomware variant (EDA2) observed in attacks on a Canadian government healthcare organization and a Canadian medical research university, as well as an infostealer variant (AgentTesla) observed in attacks against various other targets (e.g, a United States defense research entity, a Turkish government agency managing public works, a German industrial manufacturing firm, a Korean chemical manufacturer, a research institute located in Japan and medical research facilities in Canada).

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Source: Palo Alto