Malicious spam campaigns delivering banking Trojans

In mid-March 2021, we observed two new spam campaigns. The messages in both cases were written in English and contained ZIP attachments or links to ZIP files. Further research revealed that both campaigns ultimately aimed to distribute banking Trojans. The payload in most cases was IcedID (Trojan-Banker.Win32.IcedID), but we have also seen a few QBot (Backdoor.Win32.Qbot, also known as QakBot) samples. During campaign spikes we observed increased activity of these Trojans: more than a hundred detections a day.

IcedID is a banking Trojan capable of web injects, VM detection and other malicious actions. It consists of two parts – the downloader and the main body that performs all the malicious activity. The main body is hidden in a PNG image, which is downloaded and decrypted by the downloader.

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Source: Kaspersky