Meet Mantis – the tiny shrimp that launched 3,000 DDoS attacks

The botnet behind the largest-ever HTTPS-based distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack has been named after a tiny shrimp.

Cloudflare said it thwarted the 26 million request per second (rps) attack last month, and we’re told the biz has been tracking the botnet ever since. Now, the internet infrastructure company has given the botnet a name — Mantis — and said it’s the next phase in the evolution of Meris.

“The name Mantis was chosen to be similar to ‘Meris’ to reflect its origin, and also because this evolution hits hard and fast,” Cloudflare product manager Omer Yoachimik wrote in a blog post this week. “Over the past few weeks, Mantis has been especially active directing its strengths towards almost 1,000 Cloudflare customers.”

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Source: The Register