Microsoft research uncovers new Zerobot capabilities

Botnet malware operations are a constantly evolving threat to devices and networks. Threat actors target Internet of Things (IoT) devices for recruitment into malicious operations as IoT devices’ configurations often leave them exposed, and the number of internet-connected devices continue to grow. Recent trends have shown that operators are redeploying malware for a variety of distributions and objectives, modifying existing botnets to scale operations and add as many devices as possible to their infrastructure.

Zerobot, a Go-based botnet that spreads primarily through IoT and web application vulnerabilities, is an example of an evolving threat, with operators continuously adding new exploits and capabilities to the malware. The Microsoft Defender for IoT research team has been monitoring Zerobot (also called ZeroStresser by its operators) for months. Zerobot is offered as part of a malware as a service scheme and has been updated several times since Microsoft started to track it. One domain with links to Zerobot was among several domains associated with DDoS-for-hire services seized by the FBI in December 2022.

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Source: Microsoft