Mirai Botnet Sees Big 2019 Growth, Shifts Focus to Enterprises

The infamous Mirai internet of things botnet is spiking in growth while changing up its tactics, techniques and procedures so far in 2019, to target more and more enterprise-level hardware, It’s a state of affairs that presents a greater concern than ever before given the ongong migration to the cloud era, researchers said.

According to researchers at IBM X-Force, Mirai is now made up of several different related botnets, which sometimes compete with each other. Since bursting on the scene with a massive DDoS takedown of DNS provider Dyn – which impacted vast swathes of the internet including major sites like Twitter, Spotify and GitHub – the botnet has proliferated into at least 63 Mirai variants, the firm said.

“Mirai malware and its variants are evolving with their operator’s intents, delivering a variety of exploits and increasingly aimed against enterprise environments,” said researchers at IBM X-Force, in an analysis posted on Thursday. “As IoT devices become more common among households and large organizations, Mirai and its variants will continue to evolve to adapt to the changing environments and targets of its choice.”

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Source: ThreatPost