Mitigating RBAC-Based Privilege Escalation in Popular Kubernetes Platforms

Prisma Cloud and Unit 42 recently released a report examining the use of powerful credentials in popular Kubernetes platforms, which found most platforms install privileged infrastructure components that could be abused for privilege escalation. Unit 42 happy to share that, as of today, all platforms mentioned in their report have addressed built-in node-to-admin privilege escalation. However, it’s possible third party add-ons might reintroduce the issue.

In the research Unit 42 presented at KubeCon EU and BlackHat USA, they found that in half the platforms, any container escape had previously allowed for a full cluster compromise because all nodes hosted admin-equivalent credentials. Most of the platforms mentioned in our report made their infrastructure unprivileged by default, while one did so through an optional add-on.

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Source: Palo Alto Unit 42