Mobile malware evolution 2020

In their campaigns to infect mobile devices, cybercriminals always resort to social engineering tools, the most common of these passing a malicious application off as another, popular and desirable one. All they need to do is correctly identify the application, or at least, the type of applications, that are currently in demand. Therefore, attackers constantly monitor the situation in the world, collecting the most interesting topics for potential victims, and then use these for infection or cheating users out of their money. It just so happened that the year 2020 gave hackers a large number of powerful news topics, with the COVID-19 pandemic as the biggest of these.

Pandemic theme in mobile threats

The word “covid” in various combinations was typically used in the names of packages hiding spyware and banking Trojans, adware or Trojan droppers. Names we encountered included covid.apk, covidMapv8.1.7.apk, tousanticovid.apk, covidMappia_v1.0.3.apk and coviddetect.apk. These apps were placed on malicious websites, hyperlinks were distributed through spam, etc.

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Source: Kaspersky

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