Modern cyber security bears great resemblance to the Titanic disaster, says Stena CISO

Magnus Carling, CISO of worldwide conglomerate Stena AB, likened modern cyber security practices to the oversights which led to the Titanic disaster in 1912.

Speaking at Cloudsec 2019, Carling told attendees “the iceberg was innocent. It wasn’t the iceberg that made Titanic sink”, before drawing some obvious comparisons between the famous sinking and modern cyber attacks.

Carling said the Titanic’s captain ignored warnings from other ships about the oncoming iceberg, just like how system administrators sometimes either ignore or misread warning signs that a business may be under attack.

In addition, the captain demonstrated unsafe practices by travelling at around 22 knots – much higher than what was considered to be safe. This can be considered equal to ignoring other security best practices such as securing endpoints or not managing patches adequately.

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Source: ITPro