Molerats Delivers Spark Backdoor to Government and Telecommunications Organizations

Between October 2019 through the beginning of December 2019, Unit 42 observed multiple instances of phishing attacks likely related to a threat group known as Molerats (AKA Gaza Hackers Team and Gaza Cybergang) targeting eight organizations in six different countries in the government, telecommunications, insurance and retail industries, of which the latter two were quite peculiar. The targeting of insurance and retail organizations is peculiar as it does not fit with this threat groups prior target set.

The email subject and attachment file names used in the attacks on these seemingly atypical targets were similar in theme as those used when attacking government organizations. The lack of industry or target specific social engineering themes likely lowers the chances of a successful compromise and further confuses our understanding of the purpose of attacking these organizations.

All of the attacks involved spear-phishing emails to deliver malicious documents that required the recipient to carry out some action.

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Source: Palo Alto