Navigating Cyber Risk Through Collaboration

The constantly evolving cyber risk landscape presents a formidable challenge to organizations, as businesses transform, scopes and boundaries shift, and bad actors develop new tactics and techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise systems.

With the rate of risk velocity increasing faster than the resources of most risk-focused teams, collaboration and working together smarter is one of the only ways to keep up. Creating solid partnerships, embracing transparency, and developing consistent strategies for mitigating cyber risk is essential to navigating this complex landscape.

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Source: Auditboard

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  • Allies agree new NATO Integrated Cyber Defence Centre

    July 10, 2024

    The NATO Integrated Cyber Defence Centre (NICC) will enhance the protection of NATO and Allied networks and the use of cyberspace as an operational domain. The Centre will inform NATO military commanders on possible threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace, including privately-owned civilian critical infrastructures necessary to support military activities. The Centre will bring together civilian and ...

  • July Patch Tuesday Unleashes a Torrent of Updates

    July 9, 2024

    With the information security industry’s two largest conferences (Black Hat Briefings and Def Con) set to happen in less than a month, Microsoft pulled out all the stops and, for July, nearly tripled the number of patches they released in June for problems discovered in Windows, Office, and software that runs under various server and ...

  • How to Prevent Email Spoofing with DMARC

    July 8, 2024

    Email-based attacks are the number one attack vector for cybercriminals. These attacks do not always require a high level of technical sophistication to carry out. And because the human factor is involved, there is almost no doubt they will endure as a favored tactic. One way bad actors can greatly increase their chances of a successful ...

  • NHS remains vulnerable to further cyber-attacks

    July 8, 2024

    A leading cybersecurity expert has warned that the NHS remains vulnerable to further cyber-attacks unless it updates its computer systems. This stark assessment comes in the wake of a major ransomware attack that has severely disrupted healthcare services across London. Prof Ciaran Martin, the founding CEO of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), told the ...

  • New cyberattack targets iPhone Apple IDs

    July 6, 2024

    A new cyberattack is targeting iPhone users, with criminals attempting to obtain individuals’ Apple IDs in a “phishing” campaign, security software company Symantec said in an alert Monday. Cyber criminals are sending text messages to iPhone users in the U.S. that appear to be from Apple, but are in fact an attempt at stealing victims’ personal ...

  • Cyber extortion sees huge rise – and small businesses are four times more likely to be hit

    July 4, 2024

    Cyber extortion remains the most prominent threat facing businesses of all sizes across all industries, a new report from Orange Cyberdefense has found. The 2024 Cy-Explorer report worryingly uncovered that the number of victims of cyber extortion scams has grown by 77% year on year. In Q1 of 2024 alone, there were 1,046 organizations that were ...