Nefilim Ransomware Attack Through a MITRE Att&ck Lens

Nefilim is among a new breed of ransomware families that use advanced techniques for a more targeted and virulent attack. It is operated by a group that we track under the intrusion set “Water Roc”. This group combines advanced techniques with legitimate tools to make them significantly harder to detect and respond before it is too late.

This allows them to remain undetected in the system for weeks, navigating across the environment to maximize their damage. Before the attack is even initiated, deep victim profiling is done, allowing them to use victim-specific extortion pricing to tailor the ransom.

Nefilim is a Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) operation first discovered in March 2020, and believed to have evolved from the earlier Nemty ransomware family.

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Source: Trend Micro