Nemty Ransomware – Learning by Doing

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research Team (ATR) observed a new ransomware family named ‘Nemty’ on 20 August 2019.

We are in an era where ransomware developers face multiple struggles, from the great work done by the security community to protect against their malware, to initiatives such as the No More Ransom project that offer some victims a way to decrypt their files. Not only that, but the underground criminal community around such ransomware developers can also be hyper critical, calling out bad code and choosing not to purchase ransomware that is not professionally developed.

After one such developer, going by the name jsworm, announced Nemty on underground forums, we noted how the ransomware was not well received by some users in the criminal community. Certain sectors of that forum started to rebuke jsworm for technical decisions made about the functions in the ransomware, as well as the encryption mechanism used.

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Source: McAfee