Network Attack Trends: Internet of Threats

Unit 42 researchers observed interesting attack trends from August-October 2020. Despite a surge in scanner activities and HTTP directory traversal exploitation attempts, CVE-2012-2311 and CVE-2012-1823, which were the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities in the wild in early summer 2020, are no longer at the top of that list. Several new critical exploits, including but not limited to CVE-2020-17496 and CVE-2020-25213, have emerged and were being utilized at a constant and concerning rate as of fall 2020. To complicate matters, malicious actors are well aware that new exploits aren’t always needed to get the job done. Based on observations of malicious traffic for the designated three months, weaponized ThinkPHP vulnerabilities like CVE-2018-20062 and CVE-2019-9082 had become attackers’ new favorite method of exploit.

In the following sections, we dive deep into exploit analysis, attack origin and attack category distribution, in addition to the spiking activities of scanners and HTTP directory traversal attacks.

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Source: Palo Alto