New Agent Tesla Variant Being Spread by Crafted Excel Document

FortiGuard Labs captured a phishing campaign that spreads a new Agent Tesla variant. This well-known malware family uses a .Net-based Remote Access Trojan (RAT) and data stealer to gain initial access. It is often used for Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS). FortiGuard Labs researcher Xiaopeng Zhang performed an in-depth analysis of this campaign, from the initial phishing email to the actions of Agent Tesla installed on the victim’s machine to the collecting of sensitive information from the affected device.

In this analysis, you will learn about the contents of this attack, such as how the phishing email starts the campaign, how the CVE-2017-11882/CVE-2018-0802 vulnerability (and not the VBS macro) is exploited to download and execute the Agent Tesla file on the victim’s device, as well as how Agent Tesla collects the sensitive data from the victim’s device, such as the credentials, key loggings, and screenshots of the victim’s screen.

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Source: FortiGuard Labs