New Echobot malware is a smorgasbord of vulnerabilities

If there’s one thing that seems to have no end in sight is malware authors putting their own spin on the old Mirai malware and creating new botnets to haunt the IoT and enterprise landscapes.

Not a month goes by without a new major botnet appearing out of nowhere and launching massive attacks against people’s smart devices — either using default credentials to take over the device or by using exploits for old security flaws that device owners did not patch.

The latest in this long line of Mirai scourges is a new variant named Echobot. Coming to life in mid-May, the malware was first described by Palo Alto Networks in a report published at the start of June, and then again in a report by security researchers from Akamai, last week.

The malware itself doesn’t bring anything new to the actual Mirai source code, which is no surprise since the Mirai code has remained unchanged for years now.

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Source: ZDNet