New Grelos Skimmer Variants Siphon Credit Card Data

Just as seasonal online shopping kicks into high gear, new variants of the point-of-sale Grelos skimmer malware have been identified. Variants are targeting the payment-card data of online retail shoppers on dozens of compromised websites, researchers warn.

The Grelos skimmer malware has been around since 2015, and its original version is associated with what are called Groups 1 and 2 under the prolific Magecart umbrella of loosely organized cybercriminals. However, over time new actors began to co-opt the Grelos skimmer and reuse some of the original domains used to host the malware. This has accumulated into what researchers say is a unique overlap in infrastructure for the most recent variants of the skimmer between Grelos and Magecart.

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Source: ThreatPost