New in Ransomware: AlumniLocker, Humble Feature Different Extortion Techniques

Trend Micro researchers recently discovered two new ransomware variants, AlumniLocker and Humble, which exhibit different sophisticated behaviors and extortion techniques post-encryption.

One of these techniques includes an unusually high ransom payment and a threat to publicize victims’ critical data. These new variants prove that ransomware’s targeted and extortion-focused era is alive and well in 2021.

Technical analyses

AlumniLocker ransomware

AlumniLocker ransomware, a variant of the Thanos ransomware family, which asks for a ransom payment of 10 bitcoins (equivalent to US$457,382.60 as of writing). The ransomware actors also threaten to publish their victims’ data on their “wall of shame” website if they don’t send the payment within 48 hours.

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Source: Trend Micro